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0 “Freedom and democracy are dreams you never give up”

Aung San Suu Kyi was interviewed on a contraband camera

Partial transcript – read below to find what Aung San is asking us to do (transcribed from the video):

[Question about her willingness to talk to a brutal and oppressive regime]

“You have to talk to people if you want ..peaceful change”

“We want to review the position of sanctions, we want to see what the political ..effect is…”

Are you saying sanctions are on the table?

“It depends what the outcome of the dialog is”

“Freedom and democracy are goals which you never give up”

even when her husband was dying of cancer, and the regime refused her a visa
seeing her…she only saw her son now after ten years…

“Tt was lovely to see my son, and I was grateful to see that he was alive and well…many of my colleagues are no longer alive

[mentions Obama calling her his hero]

“I do appreciate his words, but I do have to say if I were the blushing kind I would blush at being called a hero”

What do you want from America?

“We want the people of america to be aware of what is going on in Burma now. Just writing to their members of congress, and they then they must call for an inclusive political process in Burma”

Have you any doubts about nonviolence?

“No not at all, because violent methods may bring about change quicker, but they leave such wounds…”

“I have seen great changes. The people are much more open, much braver shall we say. The number of cell phones…not because of any policies, but because of the IT revolution here and all over Europe”

“I guess there are worse names than a lady…I think I’d like them to see me as a worker”

How do you want to be remembered?

“I want them to remember me as someone who has performed what she should have performed, who has done her duty. And I think there is nothing more satisfactory than the knowledge that you have done your duty.”

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