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Archive for October, 2010

I just added the WP Hide Post plugin – not that I have anything to hide, but most days my thoughts and musings don’t quite rate front-page visibility. Or, perhaps its just easier to put them down in type when I’m not imagining them plastered that publicly. (no, my blog is not that popular – but a few of my friends and family visit it from time to time – and oddly enough I feel shyer to share random thoughts with intimates than to share them with the occasional random google-driven visitor. Its sort of the ‘do you really want to know…’ game that some folks play in conversation – spend the time to draw me out if you want my innermost thoughts. So maybe hiding them from the front page is a form of that. Its not really a bad game, its just that one doesn’t want to impose one’s thoughts unless the conversation partner is honestly interested…)

So, perhaps the RandomWrites section will be the most-updated, but least organized…there may be a relationship there…

0 Books to check out…

Golda to Booknotes  

That man : about FDR

Wanda Gag’s papers…but not avail online. There is a biography by Karen Hoyle but not an autobio.

Anything by William Greider :

been meaning to read Count Zero by William Gibson. Neuromancer was my introduction to the idea of cyber-immortality, many years back.

Citizen Journalism (Global Crises and the Media) Stuart/Einar
We the Media Dan Gillmore

The original book the children’s book Mother to Tigers was based on

More stuff on L. da Vinci, he is way cool.

Going to read shortly: Ruby Best Practices, and Clean Code