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Ok, why am I letting facebook, twitter and junk mail budget my time? Need my own work home page that guides me to use time for my projects.

Top priorities: bPhx data mashery ; wiki, updates and factual table for Alonovo
bteaching articles ; bTucson data sources : : got import working, wp_connections crashes…
bPhxaz wiki : next step? talk to…
Alonovo wiki : : add, new data TODOs
bTucson approvals :

Google analytics – AFTER work on a todo…

Walking through Military Plaza park this afternoon, a small rally was in progress and I had a chance to talk to one of the volunteers for the campaign to Recall Jan Brewer. It seems the campaign was started by a Republican! And when the volunteer was making her calls asking for support, she mentioned this fact. The woman on the other end started laughing – “I’m a republican too, and I can’t stand that woman. I’m going to tell all my republican friends!”

Perhaps there is some hope for the Moderate Middle after all. Moderates of Arizona, unite!

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Made a good haul at the Book Stop on 4th Ave recently – they have an excellent collection of classic sci-fi, as well as really good kids authors like Avi and Roald Dahl.

Bandersnatch by Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. A first novel, which I generally like – fresh if sometimes rough. Here’s a book-length fable to go with Hillel’s “If I’m not for myself, who will be?” – in Bandersnatch’s world, if you don’t stick up for yourself you become a target fast.