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Of all the flimsy excuses of why children of the rich and powerful should have privileges from birth, meritocracy is perhaps the most blatantly illogical. Divine right of kings is more rational.

to write up properly:

very close analogy – pull from GrannyD’s speech; and the guy on Trevor Noah this week about data-basd and fact-based agencies having most problem with Trump

cancer cells defect in repair = repressing dissent/truth

the pathway to cancer is similar to the pathway to corruption

also humor / comedy as immunization

attacking the immune system

but also uniquely – because fewer heads can be more coordinated in its attacks on people, very systematic

attacks on the schools

Fun times and cool stuff at Unrig the System – it was lovely spending days in the company of organizers and activists, and tech innovators working on fixing things.

Wrote it up on Medium here:

The Jazz Fix: a riff-off of solutions to political corruption and gridlock

Wrote the piece here Here’s my take on conservative economic theory: SuperFreakonomics SuperFreakonomics the book is consistently entertaining, sometimes fascinating, genuinely thought-provoking, excessively glib, fundamentally flawed, and viscerally disturbing. Let me explain….

I’ve written several bits for the Tucson Citizen, but they’re no longer around even as archives. I’ll get the originals and post them here. Meantime, I’m writing on DailyKos as ‘wordmonkey’ :

Check out, where me and a few friends are kicking off a new group of indie developers who get together to check out each other’s stuff. I like having collaborators but can’t stand meetings, so this is an ‘unmeeting’ – bring your laptop and plan to get a bit of stuff done while there. We’ll have a short presentation too: Dave Parizek will talk about Google App Engine. I don’t know anything about it myself but it sounds cool.

Oh – and the (un)meeting? Wed Jan 27 at Himmel Library @ 6:30 PM.

I have most of my stuff in my own MySql app – lets see if I can get it to show up here fairly easily while keeping the original as the authoritative version…