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0 rambling Saturday mind

Golda to RandomWrites  

Saturdays are for unwinding, expanding – my dad once said, the part that means you’re human. Yet for me now it still means typing on a keyboard, only typing things that spiral outward and don’t have to pass tests.

Today I found Ngugi Wa Thiong’o on the library display shelves, and given that is where I discovered Gene Sharp, and the whole literature of protest and democracy movements, stopped to read him. He spoke of keeping humanity by writing a novel on toilet paper in a Kenyan jail (now Kenya does have democracy – there must be a story there) and struggling to maintain spirit and self-worth thru words. Even outside of jail this need is universal, no?

I am glad that my project outside work, the what’s cookin’, is to help people express and connect, to create for each other. No amount of consumer goods produced in efficient factories can fill this need. Some of the modern sharing tech approaches it, but then turns around and uses it to manipulate the users. I am so motivated, to keep going on the work because the entire approach I want to succeed – the shared ownership, decision making – the problem with corporations of being T-Rex structures with tiny brains trying to control a large body – I am at least grateful to be able to be trying to do the work. Yet during the week, my self expression in exhausted state of mind becomes reduced to counting hits on tweets.

Strange that we have, like Emerson said, such ability to imagine and only one drop of ability to actualize it…

still nothing new here, only putting down some thoughts that circle around in my mind all the time – cleaning house, I suppose. I want to write about the patterns of society and corporations, the problem of the greedy ones seizing control, and how to simply counteract it by experimenting with legal structures, making it simple and easy to cooperate without central control. But my coding work presses on me, and I don’t feel like I can take the time to structure the argument, and anyway how many would read it? I will do it, but not today – today I will only ramble here.

Maybe I will code after all and write next week, or next. Or maybe I will work on the piece –
or get volunteers for long form nonfiction works.
Maybe I will start to write on paper again in the mornings. Only so much time for keyboards, after all.