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Ok, why am I letting facebook, twitter and junk mail budget my time? Need my own work home page that guides me to use time for my projects.

Top priorities: bPhx data mashery ; wiki, updates and factual table for Alonovo
bteaching articles ; bTucson data sources : : got import working, wp_connections crashes…
bPhxaz wiki : next step? talk to…
Alonovo wiki : : add, new data TODOs
bTucson approvals :

Google analytics – AFTER work on a todo…

The real telecommute jobs are often found squirrelled away in forums specific to certain frameworks or languages. Here’s a few that are useful to check:

StackOverflow telecommute jobs are high quality and posted often
Dice telecommute jobs if you like big companies that can afford Dice if you prefer startups (click on ‘advanced search’ to filter for telecommute only)
AdaFruit Job Board
Python job board tends to be in Europe
37 signals job board
crunchboard (extracted from craigslist)
CodeIgniter Job Board (PHP)
Drupal Jobs
WordPress jobs