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1 American History Quiz: Which founding father leaked documents that triggered the start of the American Revolution?

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From 1773 to 2011, leaking incriminating documents into the public eye has been a powerful mechanism to galvanize revolutions.

Nothing quite like reading in black and white the recommendation for “abridgement of what are called English liberties”.

Benjamin Franklin leaked Royal Governor Hutchinson’s letters to the press back in 1773, triggering the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. (Franklin was actually trying to focus anger on a local governor instead of Britain – but once the truth is out, people act on it in their own way. After this affair and the British response to it Franklin gave up on reconciliation with England and became a revolutionary himself.)

The Remarkable Benjamin Franklin by Cheryl Harness is available in the Pima County Library – its a children’s book but with some excellent information. I learn most things by reading books to my kids!

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    I think this is not for sixth graders ,therefore it did not help me so this was stupid and worthless .That is my opinion so like it or not its true so deal with it ! :( :(:(

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