Webglimpse Support Contract

You may use the form below to purchase a support contract for Webglimpse and Glimpse. We thank you for your support of the project, and look forward to assisting you with your search site.

Description: Technical support for the Webglimpse package, v1.6 or above. E-mail and (for the premium contract) phone support for configuration and usage problems. Upgrades to all new versions during the term of this contract.

Support Level:
Choose one: Contributor Professional Sponsor
Type of support:Email onlyEmail and callback phoneEmail, callback and cell phone
Time frame:96 hrs48 hrs24 hrs
Number and type of installations:1 server
1 domain
<50 employees
1 server
unlimited domains
unlimited employees
unlimited servers
unlimited domains
unlimited employees/locations
Yearly fee$200$500$2000

Company Information:
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Phone: FAX:
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You will be sent a license agreement and receipt/invoice for the amount indicated above. You will be entitled to all upgrades and commercial releases of Webglimpse and Glimpse for 1 year.

Check to receive notice of new releases:

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