Webglimpse & Glimpse Purchase Form: Server License

Thank you for supporting the Webglimpse project!

Use this form to purchase a server license for Webglimpse and Glimpse. Pricing is scaled by the size of the purchasing company and the number of domains in use. Unlimited end users are allowed, as for a public website.

For a glimpse-only desktop license, see Glimpse-Only Purchase Form

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New: free remote installation service with purchase. If you would like Webglimpse installed on your server, check the box below and we will contact you for login info.
Please contact me to arrange free installation.

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Server License - Webglimpse & Glimpse

(unlimited end users, 1 server per license except as noted)
Part No.DescriptionQty# employees  # domains  Price
WGsrv-001Small Company Discount <= 50 1 $250
WGsrv-002Large Company/10-Domain unlimited <= 10 $500
WGsrv-003ISP-Unlimited Domain unlimited unlimited $750
Special Pricing by prior arrangement
*# of domains refers to the number of different domains that can run Webglimpse on their sites, not the total number of domains indexed. For an ISP, each domain may correspond to a different client.
**The Site License is for unlimited # of servers at one physical location.

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You will be sent a username and password for download of the commercial version within 1 business day. Access to all upgrades and commercial releases of Webglimpse will be provided for at least 1 year.


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