Ruby yes, Rails…not so much

The thing that is the most annoying about rails, after the general atmosphere of one-upsmanship, is that the general arrogance about being the best way to do things seems to lead to lack of good reference documentation. Tutorials for specific ways to do a particular task in ‘the Rails way’ abound, but reference docs are limited to the actual api for the code. Method-level references with clear explanations are just..nonexistent.

Everything is eventually possible, with much reading of code and blog posts, but clarity as to what is possible in a given context – missing.

Ruby is a beautiful, elegant language. Rails popularized the idea of scaffolding, and yes, if you want to do the standard shopping cart of database items you are done in 8 minutes. However….if you want to do something else entirely, every step needs to be painfully discovered by deep introspection….

Of course Joel says this so much better: Joel on Rails

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