Web 2.0 collaboration tools and modern methods of design are accelerating the pace of new development in a dizzying number of directions. Software as a service, cloud computing, social networking plugins, data mashup tools and APIs, semantic technology, new techniques for data mining and content monetization – not to mention maturing standards in content management systems (CMS) and development frameworks.

“Do we need to be doing that?” and “Won’t we just have to redo it all again next year?” are common refrains in small and large business alike. Fortunately, the best modern software is lightweight and cleanly interoperates with existing systems. Agile development practices keep your people in the loop throughout.

Internet WorkShop can evaluate your real world needs, and come up with a best value solution. Solutions can range from tiny to comprehensive: from injecting specific javascript snippets into your website, to complete overhaul of legacy code and data structures. We can rapidly assemble the appropriate team for the task, with access to a wide range of capabilities:

Social Networking & Community Building

keep users engaged

Facebook Connect

Twitter Feeds

Drupal Communities

Company Newsletter

Search & Data Mining

efficient discovery

Google Custom Search

Webglimpse / Flax

Text classification

Personalized Search

Software components

CMS: Content Management Systems and Frameworks

tame your website




Drupal / Joomla


Semantic Web – Programmable Web

linked data – meaningful results

Domain specific Ontologies

Mashup data sources

Jena / Sesame frameworks

Virtuoso flexible data store

TopBraid data modeling tool

Content Monetization

cash in hand

Google Adsense

Kontera ad network

Micropayment solutions


Ad Effectiveness Metrics


growing without the pain

Cloud computing

Code Profiling

Development in Scala

SQL Query optimization

Vertica, Hadoop, InfoBright

The Bottom Line: Solve your problem within your budget. Cost effective hourly rates or fixed bid available.

Contact Golda Velez at gvelez17 at or call 520-440-1420

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