expand on the rel= link attribute

It seems sort of amazing, that with all the man-hours of development of the semantic web, that I’m still not aware of a widely-used standard for tagging a link with a meaning. Page tagging has gotten us pretty far, but as I understand it what Tim BL’s original app did, was to assign a meaning to each link.

We do have the rel= attribute, which we’re allowed to expand upon according to the spec:

Since a source doc, target doc, and link tag comprise a triple, why not leverage this more by encouraging the use of vocabularies in the rel= attribute? It would seem to me to be the simplest possible solution and could be supported by many different tools.

rel= is indeed used within the RDFa spec, but I’d argue that by itself a link containing a rel= tag is sufficient to define a triple. I’d also like to see a commonly used curie of


to mean ‘anyword’ in the english language. Lets also leverage the existing structure of language – Google does!

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