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Can blogging help…

…us actually talk to that omnipresent ‘they’ in our daily conversations? ‘They’ as in, ‘they ought to do something about that building before the roof falls in’; or ‘they really should make it easier to see where our tax money is going’; or even ‘they are driving me crazy with this phone system!’.

Sometimes it can: find a commentable online profile of a company and post a complaint or suggestion, and odds are that sooner or later someone high up at that company is going to read it.

What if, though, you don’t know yet who the ‘they’ are? What if you know something about a specialized subject area and can see clear needs that not everyone knows about, but its not clear who or how those needs will be met?

Needs are also opportunities.

A need for a nurse at a hospital for a better way to manage patient information, is an opportunity for an IT firm somewhere. That nurse has no resources to pay the IT firm, and even the hospital may not have the resources to sponsor custom software development for the exact needs they have. However: if some long-term thinking VC’s (Venture Capitalists) and eager young programmers understood the need clearly and precisely, maybe they would create out of the box software that would solve the problem nicely and cost effectively.

Even if the need doesn’t have a clear cash flow opportunity – say the need to deliver more books to developing countries – sometimes there may be a nonprofit with a mission that could align itself with that need, or a philanthropist looking for a genuine cause to donate some dollars to.

The purpose of this section is to document concrete needs identified by people in different fields. Speculative ideas are ok too. Its a little like, in which people submit ideas of things that ’should exist’ in the world. Maybe a lot the same. But one difference is, that some postings here may be produced by interviews with people who might not otherwise post to a blog like this.

In the spirit of the blogosphere, not all posts will be made directly to this blog. Some will be made to more subject specific sites and just linked to from here. If you write something along these lines for another site, feel free to post a link here.

Coming soon: Clearinghouse for recycled building materials aimed at contractors and architects ; ‘Books Please!’ on the need for more books, regular physical books, into the hands of more people in more languages ; A Micropayment Implementation ; IT and Recycling ; IT and the Grid ; Credit Ratings for Contractors ; and lessons learned from