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Data Visualization

The D3 javascript library looks awesome – clean, extensible, and powerful.

Checkout this example of mashing US Census boundaries with unemployment stats…

Oracle has broken registration form…

All I wanted was an updated copy of berkeley db…

Oracle has it, its free, but you have to register. Ok, I’ll register. The form has lots of required fields…two of which are broken select drop-downs with no options! This is embarassing for multi-million dollar company with a supposed commitment to open source, no?

Here is the culprit:

See the drop-downs for Job Title and State/Province.

Oh, and I tried the live chat. The rep told me to call the help line :
“No I can do nothing, please call one of those numbers to log and start a ticket sir”


need flat, fast namespacing + tags

tags are ok but they are missing a namespace; maybe there is implicit one from the blogger but for global discovery what about

gvelez:chickens (means my chickens, not chickens in general)

quick to write without requiring much forethought or looking up namespaces, but more precise and less prone to overlap than flat tags