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rpm complaint about NSS/NSPR headers really looking for sechash.h…

Needed to build a recent version of RPM from source. When running ./configure for rpm-4.8.1, I ran into the ‘configure: error: missing required NSPR / NSS header’ error referenced at

The solution there is good but incomplete, a peek into the configure file reveals that they are really checking for ’sechash.h’ which is in the nss-devel package. After doing a

yum install nss-devel
as well as
yum install nspr-devel

then I can successfully run

./configure CPPFLAGS=”-I/usr/include/nspr4 -I/usr/include/nss3″

(well, almost successfully…now I am on to the next error message about a Berkeley Db directory not present…if that seems tricky as well will post a solution here, if straightforward I won’t bother…)