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sigh. Drupal7 thinks I only have SQLite (solved)

There seems to be a lot of excitement in the Drupal 7 dev groups about support for SQLite. Well and good, but when I try to install Drupal 7 on my Mysql/Apache/PHP5 server, I get “Your PHP configuration only supports the SQLite database type so it has been automatically selected.”. And unfortunately the section search capabilities on are not good enough to make a quick existing bug search efficient.

Drupal 6 detects my Mysql server without any problem…

(I was trying to install Drupal 7 for the RDF capabilities, it seems RDFCCK will be part of core in 7. But looks like may have to wait a few months.)

A bit of research determined that Drupal 7 requires the PDO extension to PHP. However, something funky in my Fedora OS setup didn’t let me recompile PHP from scratch, and yum update php wasn’t doing the trick. Finally, after looking at this page

I tried just yum installing the extensions, like so:

1010 yum install php-pdo
1011 yum install php-mysql
1012 yum update php
1013 yum install php-gd
1014 yum install php-xml
1015 yum install php-soap

and that worked. Your mileage may vary…