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Vocabulary reuse not well solved yet…but RDFCCK may just be a step

Some links relevent to vocab reuse/microformats. In particular RDF vocabs should be simple to import into all the modern CMS’s, but we’re not there yet.

Evoc drupal module for importing RDF vocabs and exposing properties in Drupal
RDFCCK drupal module by the same author, Stephane “scor” Corlosquet
article by Marco Neumann on importing semantics into Drupal

Import SKOS into Drupal taxonomy but then do you need to use the RDFa module to have your Drupal content part of the linked data initiative?
Follow-up (If I post as a comment, not visible from front page – need to configure WP to do follow-up threads better):

Reading Scor’s paper, sounds like work is heading in the right direction. The autocompletion sounds promising

“To this end, our module adds a new tab “Manage RDF mappings” to the content
type administration panel of CCK for managing such mappings cf. Fig. 2. An autocomplete list of suggested terms is shown, based on the keyword entered by the user.

The terms are coming from two different sources, which are detailed below.

External vocabulary importer service

The module RDF external vocabulary importer…”

CubicWeb app framework

I like the looks of this – need to see if we can also have cubes that interface with mysql, make fuzzy-rule-based decisions as well as clear inferences. If so, this looks like a fun way to code…

mysqlimport bug coercing long floats

Just ran into an error, using mysqlimport to pull in a tab-delimited file with long float values in BIGINT columns. When trying to import the value


as an int, mysqlimport turned it into 866897575000000057458 – a bit off!

mysqlimport Ver 3.5 Distrib 5.0.45, for redhat-linux-gnu (x86_64)
(maybe this is fixed in 5.1, don’t know)