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0 What would be enough?

Golda to RandomWrites  

I could be better at paying bills, cooking, and cleaning the house. Especially cleaning. But who wants to be the world’s best dishwasher? Or Java coder? Really – I am deeply into best practices, and while coding is significantly more satisfying than washing dishes (at least you are making something, and the patterns are arguably more complex; arguably, because we still don’t have software capable of driving an autonomous dish-washing robot!) it’s not enough.

What would be enough?

If I could polish bTeaching, make it a dynamic and widely-used repository of teaching ideas and techniques, meanwhile exposing the relationships between ideas to the semantic web and helping certain bright but behind kids I know at my daughter’s school catch up faster on math and reading…that might be enough.

At least for now.

The always frustrating, exasperating part, is that I know or feel its possible, that I could do these things. But life..responsibility..its not that, its merely a matter of realistic planning, discipline, and determination. Leaf By Niggle I love that story. Tolkien expresses all this much better than I can. But I didn’t pay attention, the first time I read it, to the discipline Niggle learns in his afterlife, and then the largeness of spirit he and his neighbor attain. Ah..I’m afraid I’m not even up to the standard of making one sparklingly beautiful Leaf.

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