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0 Just write?

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Can it be that simple? But what about dishes, feeding the fish, deadlines, svn commits and never, never making a serious mistake?
Just write?

That’s not all Laraine Herring said in Writing Warrior – a book I stole 10 minutes to read in Antigone Books while my 5 year old napped on my shoulder. Also: “You cannot dissect something until it is alive”, in reference to a pedagogical method of teaching aspects of writing. I love that sentence. Not sure that I want to dissect it even after it is alive, but hits some truth nonetheless. She said to breathe, shake and not be afraid to cut.

But the main take home message was the simple one: just write.

So many things I want to write.

About values, temporary and permanent, deep hunger and hunger for pizza, and why and how one can replace another. Sort of like my favorite line from Granny D (paraphrased): “Sometimes I’d look out into the desert and feel a strong desire to just walk out there and disappear. And then other times I’d want an ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup. Life is lived somewhere between these two extremes.”
I loved Granny D, Doris Haddock, even though I only met her twice and I didn’t write and tell her how much she meant to me before she died.

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